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Who am I ? 



Let's introduce...


Patricia van der Kruijs was born in Eindhoven in 1972. After my study Social Work I worked in youth care.

Later I worked in a theater company. My creativity was always very much used. During a period of reflection and deepening, which followed a burnout, I found out that being creative with my hands gives me a lot of energy.

I decided to throw the helm...


After a short training as a furniture maker with an intensive internship with the well-known designer Piet Hein Eek, I soon decided to take the step to start for myself. Very exciting of course, but from the belief that if you want something it will always work has been there since 2003 atelier Hout van Haar.


In the meantime, I have many projects in my name and I have been attached to the Design Academy since 2018 where I teach in the wood workshop.

Patricia van der Kruijs

Hout van Haar Eindhoven

The way I work

Most customers of HoutvanHaar-Eindhoven can either fail at the well-known furniture stores or want something unique, specially made for them and suitable for the rest of the furniture in the house.


After an introductory interview in which I ask many questions about your wishes, I come up with a draft proposal and a target price.

Often there are several options you can think about, such as what type of wood, finish etc.

If all the details have been discussed, I'm going to get started!


"I often hear back that with the arrival of the furniture I made, something is really added to the space with a great inspiration."

A nicer compliment doesn't exist!

The designs and furniture of Hout van Haar are unique, tailored to your wishes and taste. It is my passion to bring together my profession and years of knowledge of design and craft with your practical and aesthetic wishes for your living environment. My focus is to create an original piece of furniture, which are a logical and natural warm reflection of your identity.